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Formation : Singularity for Management Success

Effective Made-to-Measure Management Techniques

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Key benefits

- Understand the economics and business stakes behind the singularity movement.

- Reap the benefits of customized communications

- Mobilize diversity - make it work for you and your organization.

- Mastering the managerial stances that work for different profiles.

Who should attend?

Upper and Middle Management seeking more agile business models

Managers with high team diversity (multi cultural, cross-generational, etc.).

Project Managers or anyone involved in project-based work

HR Professionals in all fields


Scheduled dates and cities (updated Jun 17, 2019)

Aucune de ces dates ne vous convient ?

Contactez Véronique Leloy au 01 64 23 67 37 pour organiser une session supplémentaire au plus près de chez vous.

2-day PROGRAM (16h) Price : 1500 € ex-vat

Profiling Work Partners... and ourselves

  • The growing importance of singularity in our professional ecosystems.
  • Creating quick profiles: situation, generation, culture, nature.
  • Face and form analysis. Using Morpho-Profiling® to capture core temperament through straightforward observation techniques.
  • The value of self-knowledge. Participants volunteer for a self-portrait.

Using Differential Communication®

  • Discover the tools and methods involved in Differential Communication®.
  • Workshop on targeted individual recognition delivery.
  • Facilitating others' personal achievements through work relationships.
  • Dealing with difficult people through the agile management model and customized communications.

Practicing Organic Management®

  • Throw traditional management practices to the wolves; avoiding "mechanical" habits and providing an organic vision that constantly evolves.
  • Generational convergence (n, n-1, n+1) in project realities.
  • Pumping oxygen into the business; unblocking the pipes.
  • Creating and stimulating collective intelligence from individual singularity.

Practicing Differential Management®

  • Using Charismatic Management for crisis situations.
  • Relying on Impersonal Management in the rationalization process.
  • Utilizing Consentual Management to reach agreement.
  • Deploying Cooperative Management to get people on board.

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